Justin VanWinkle

Technologist, Leader, Software Engineer.


Current DevOps Consultant - New Signature, Azure and DevOps Group
As a DevOps Consultant, I coached, educated, and assisted I.T. organizations of all sizes in accelerating the rate at which they could deliver value to end users. When compared to thier low-performing peers, the effects of my hands-on advisory services on I.T. organizations who acheived elite performance resulted in:

  • Increased throughput
    • Deployments to production 208 times more frequently
    • 106 times shorter lead times for changes (commit to deploy)
  • Greater stability
    • Incident recovery at a rate of 2604 times faster
    • 86% less likely change failure

2018-2019 (Acquired by New Signature)
Cloud-First Software Engineer, Azure and DevOps Consulting - Nebbia Technology
The focus of Nebbia was DevOps and cloud adoption. As a software engineer and consultant, my primary role was to assist customers in their DevOps and cloud journey by providing education, guidance, and development around:

  • Implementing a DevOps culture
  • Building scalable microservices
  • Driving Kubernetes adoption and implementation
  • Implementing CI/CD Pipelines
  • Version control strategies
  • Transforming business and development processes for faster and more stable software delivery

2017 - 2018 Software Engineer - Switchboard Live
Switchboard is a live streaming startup that I joined as the first employee. During my time at Switchboard, I covered many roles between development, operations, and infrastructure. Some of the relevant duties I performed included:

  • Led a team of developers in creation of a developer API
  • Served as a developer for multiple existing APIs
  • Implemented CI/CD for all projects
  • Revamped critical infrastructure to use container orchestration & more.
  • Developed several internal support tools.

2016 - 2017 Full-Stack Software Engineer - Wycliffe Associates
Wycliffe Associates is heavy on processing payments. Upon joining, I was asked to single-handedly build a donation system that allowed donors to give money with absolute minimal friction. This was a full-stack challenge at its finest. Components of this system that I built included:

  • Prototype/proof of concept
  • Web API that received and stored payment information and user data (PCI compliant)
  • Web application for managing marketing campaigns
  • A CMS-based website for donation landing pages
  • Docker containers for dependency packaging
  • CI/CD Pipelines

2015 - 2016 Full-Stack Software Engineer - Cru
The team I joined at Cru was a tactical team for spear-heading internal projects. During my time there, I accomplished many things including:

  • A complete rebuild of jesusfilm.org
  • Feature additions to a monolithic REST API
  • Developed native Android application with advanced hardware-level features
  • Process automation and streamlining via scripting

2012 - 2015 Software Engineer - Northrop Grumman
The project that I served at Northrop Grumman was focused on software that monitored and altered mission-critical signals from sattelites around the globe.

  • Developed features and algorithms for spectral analysis of sattelite signals
  • Implemented unit testing
  • Built graphing functionality for signals

2008 - 2012 Aircraft Mechanic - US Air Force

  • Section Manager
  • SABC and CPR Instructor
  • Flight Program Developer

2004 - 2008 Electrical Engineering Tech - Lexmark International

  • Circuit Design & Modification
  • Hardware & Embedded Programming


Speaker, writer, community group organizer.

Groups Orlando Backend Developers, Co-Organizer

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Languages C#, Go, Node.js, Java, SQL, Bash, Javascript, Python, CSS, HTML

Tooling Kubernetes, Docker/Containerization, Azure, Jenkins, Azure DevOps, Linux, Angular, Android, Git, Feature Flags

Concepts Microservices, Testing, DevOps, Ring-Based Deployments, Zero-Downtime Deployments, Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, Scrum


B.S. Computer Science, University of Maryland Global Campus

A.A. General Studies, Valencia College