About Justin

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Justin is a U.S. Air Force Veteran and a Full-Stack Software Developer who emphasizes simplistic code, robust end-to-end solutions, and maintainable architecture. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the University of Maryland University College and is a Certified Agile Professional through the International Consortium for Agile. In his previous roles, Justin has worked extensively in DevOps and Infrastructure, giving him a breadth of knowledge to bring entire systems together with seamless cohesion. You can find Justin on LinkedIn or tweet to him @FundamentalDev.

My Skills

I am a well rounded developer a very valuable skillset including frontend development, devops, and infrastructure. My particular area of expertice is in backend development, however. My T-shaped skillset ensures that I bring cohesiveness to any team or project.

My dev setup

  • At home, I use a 43 inch 4K monitor (no, it is not a TV). My reasoning is that I can use a single monitor to simulate four 21.5” monitors whenever I wish.
  • Here are my dot files which can give you a basic idea of my setup.
  • I type in the Colemak layout. I got there by performing a series of key rotations with Tarmak layouts over several months to ensure that I didn’t lose too much productivity.
  • I type on mechanical keyboards. My current keyboard is a Kinesis Advantage 2 LF, but I’m soon to switch over to the Infinity ErgoDox with blue switches.
  • I prefer to do development on a Macbook due to the relatively minimal amount of effort to keep things running smoothly, but my dot files are also capable of setting me up in Windows and Linux. I usually run Windows and Linux in VMs or containers when needed.


I have a background in electrical engineering in a former career and aircraft maintenance with the U.S. Air Force. While in the Air Force, I spent a significant portion of my time in a special duty assignment as a training manager which gave me the opportunity to teach CPR and SABC courses.

I have a very strong entrepreneurial drive and have undertaken a few small business ventures – some successful, some not, but all very good for learning and preparing for the next. This drive, mixed with my diverse background, gives me a unique outlook in technology and business.

Since 2012, I have been strictly focused on building a career as a Software Engineer. The reason? It is very easy to move beyond the pre-product, pre-revenue stage of a startup without investor backing. With some training in project management, I believe that I have many things in my favor when I decide to execute a larger venture.

My particular interests include proof of concepts, rapid prototyping, and minimum viable product (MVP) development:

  • On a team of four, I took part in delivering an MVP website from scratch.
  • Alone, I delivered a proof of concept, a prototype, and an MVP for a custom donation system.
  • Additionally, one of my small ventures included developing a mobile application on my own while putting these same practices to use.

Currently, I am working with Switchboard Live as a Software Engineer, focused primarily on API development. As with all startups, however, my role extends far beyond to include infrastructure and DevOps.