Switchboard Live’s Cloud is a Software as a Service product that enables content creators and brands to reach vastly wider audiences than was previously possible due to the limitations of conventional live streaming.

So what is the real value?

While there are many more, the following are the main focal points for Switchboard’s Cloud product.

Stream Multiplexing

With this revolutionary product, we were able to take live streaming to the next stage by providing methods that allowed users to provide a single input and multiplex that input to all of their destinations (Facebook, YouTube, Periscope, Twitch, etc…).

Stream Sharing

Ahead of a scheduled live stream, a Switchboard Cloud can be used to request and manage access to any destination. This allows the Switchboard Cloud user to stream to any destination to which they have access. To drive this point home with an example, let’s imagine that Nike is planning a live stream next week to promote the launch of their new basketball shoes. Nike might have millions of followers on any given social media platform, but not all of those followers will be basketball fans and will thus not be the target for this live stream. Now, Nike sends out a request via Switchboard Cloud to the top 10 NBA players for access to stream to the NBA players’ social media. Suddenly, Nike has millions of additional potential viewers, all of whom are indoubitably interested in Basketball.

Meta Management

Often, Switchboard Cloud is used to stream live video to hundreds or thousands of social media pages. Each stream is populated with meta data such as a title, tags, and a description that have been defined ahead of time. At the time that the stream goes live, each destination is populated with this meta data – effectively making an otherwise impossible task, possible.


What good is a live stream across multiple destinations if you can’t gain insight into your audience? Switchboard Cloud captures analytics of live streams as well as the subsequent video that results from the live stream. So when the time comes, a user can view the break down of how each destination performed as well as how the event as a whole performed and make adjustments to their next stream to garner greater success.

My Roles

I joined Switchboard Live as they were closing their seed round of funding, as a result (and as is the case with any startup), I served in many capacities with this project.

API & Service Developer

I managed and maintained the various APIs and services that exist behind the Switchboard Cloud product.


Roughly 6 months into my journey with Switchboard, I begin revamping the infrastructure on which the APIs ran, swapping out abstracted services for a more robust clustuered container solution that yielded in a solution that is capable of self healing, auto scaling, and being rapidly reproduced in new regions around the world.
This transition led to an infrastructure that was cloud agnostic, more cost effective, and extremely flexible.


No project is complete if you have to manually build and deploy your code. In my time at Switchboard, I took us from 100% manual builds and deploys to a CI/CD pipeline that saved countless hours of headaches that would have been the result of inconsistent build environments, improper deployments, and artificial errors introduced by humans. Now Switchboard Live enjoys the comfort of automation which enables them to keep building more awesome products!