My wife and I were out to dinner one evening and were discussing our dog for whatever reason. In our conversation, I identified a need that existed among the dog owners who feed their dog raw meat. As such, I went home and pulled an all-nighter to deploy the first version of this mobile app. The app itself is a very specific type of calculator that gives a breakdown of what is an appropriate amount of each required item a dog should eat.

At the time, I developed this app solely for Android, but later had a desire to release it for other platforms and to improve on the product that I had released. As such, I ported the app over to the Ionic Framework which makes use of TypeScript and Angular JS to make for a very enjoyable development experience.

If I had more spare time, I would love to add more features to this app to better serve the community and find ways to optimize its load times in the OS web view. But alas, there are more productive things I can do with my development time these days.

This project highlights a small portion of my passion for digging in to new technologies and frameworks